Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 23

Back on the road after a long lovely stay in Normal. It was hard to get back into it. It was hard saying goodbye to Dana. I'm going to miss her and I can't wait to see her in Arizona. Dana Has an internship in Pinetop, Arizona, its a town east of phoenix. She is going to be working with the US Public Health Service on Indian Reservations. Pretty Exciting.

Like I was saying today started of very depressing, The whole time riding down the constitution trail in Bloomington I was thinking about turning around. Once outside of town I got hit with The most uncomfortable and aggravating headwind. I went 30 mile in a long and grueling Five Hours, that is awful. I had some food in Clinton at this place called the Shack, it was good, hot turkey sub. It was already 4:30. I diddnt leave the ILSTU untill 11:00.

The wind was getting worse and I was not happy. I saw a big Fella with a littler one a few miles south of Clinton. They looked friendly so I asked if I could camp out on their farm gfor the night. The Big guy gave me a little bit of a hard time at first "How do I know your not gonna rob me" Jolly son of a bitch. I asked him why I need to camp out on his lawn if I'm gonna rob him. This was all in good fun, he introduced himself and his son. His name was Gary Kergan and I forgot his son's name, oh yeah, Little Kergs. Gary owns a heating and refrigeration company, they fix the big industrial stuff. Gary's got a real deep voice and a southern accent, sometimes t was hard to understand him but we talked for a while. I told him about my trip and we talked about Obama and Indian reservations. Later in the evening he grilled up some hamburgers and warmed up some of his wifes stew, It was delicious, Moral was rising, Moral spiked when I found Dana's secret messages she hid in my journal, this journal. The paper one not the online one.
Only traveled 30 miles today but gained about 100 Morality Miles.

Mileage: 38
Total: 180


  1. Free stew = trip was worth it.

  2. See if you can find some Mexicans to stay with.