Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 27

JB and I relaxed and had some coffee this morning. I needed the day off. I rode too much yesterday, too much and too hard. The right knee is starting to give me some problems, my calves and quads are super stiff and the upper back is tight and cramped. Not that I'm complaining.

Justins showed me his Beretta. He lives in a trailer, hes got a gun and a pitbull. the son of a bitch is living the dream.

Justin and Stephanie have this shitty roommate DJ, Smelly and selfish. It's actually his pitbull. He has a ridiculus black pickup with rims the size of the Voyageur's and airbags that take the a hair off the ground.

the Beretta wasn't good enough for JB so we wen't to the gun store later in the day. he picked himself up a 45. Thats a big boy gun. He'll have to wait three days to get it so I wont get to handle it. You have to have a FOID card to handle guns at the store.

Stephanie's family lives about 50 miles west of Carterville Just off the Trans America Trail, my route to the west. She talked to them and arrnge for me to stay with them when i carry on my jopurney.

In the evening we wen't to one of Justins college friends in carbondale. Justin used to attend Southers Illinois University, thats how he met steph. I'm just about done with the whole college thing, these fella's were older guys seniors and beyond. They seemed about ready to be done with college too. Everyone just seemed burnt out and drinking and having a goodtime just turned into a routine that had to live up to untill the day they graduate. I'm happy to leave the ilstu. I was just about done with it, Not that i was much of a partier. I left at a good time, I don't miss it too much and I wasn't aching to get the hell out either.

Sleep was rough, DJ came home at about 3:00am and started watching the dark night in his room with the door Open. of course he has a surroung sound system in his tiny room that is extremely unnecessary.


  1. hey nicky,
    its rudy
    me and kaile just ate eggs and bacon, ive got a big english portfolio due today so i cant talk long. this a great new post, im glad your learning all about guns and trailer park living, its a refined version of american living that many people never get to fully appreciate. just dont shoot your eye out.
    k bye

  2. Hey Nicky- This all sounds great! I'm glad that you're meeting all these nice people, hopefully there are more to come.

    Last night we went to Lunkers and we missed you:) Stay safe and I can't wait to read more blogs- they are great!


  3. Hey Nicky. I've been reading all of your blogs and not commenting on them because I'm at a loss for words. The trip sounds awesome so far. Don't play with guns and keep on truckin :)


  4. ISU sounds a million times better because me and marcos were here and me and marcos rule tits. Also, guns rule.

  5. hey man, i miss you. and stuff. i like reading your blog, to be honest you're the first site i check every day i wake up so its cool when you write stuff i get stoked please dont think i check the site first thing in the morning with ni pants its not meant to be a creepy line ok k



  6. Glad to hear you are taking a mini break, you need those legs for a good ride. Just don't over do, it's better that it takes a little longer and get there safe and healthy.
    I don't know our route but if you are coming through Denver, Colorado, you always have a place to lay your head and get a meal. Your Mom has my cell number so get it from her anytime. It would be nice to see my 2nd cousin......until your next blog........ride safe!!! Love Ya Coleen

  7. Hi Nicky, I have been reading your blogs and i am enjoy it very much.It sound like you are having a nice time on your route to Arizona. So be careful. I am praying for you, and ride safe. Love You XOXXO Auntie Anna

  8. Justin Box carries a fire arm?! wowzas...readin' up, hope that knee is doing all right. make sure to ice it or heat treat or something dude...make sure to stretch frequently too, might help with the aches and such...ill keep reading and keep blogging.