Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 28

Another relaxing day in Carterville, No riding. Justin and I went to a few bike shops, there are three of them right on the main drag in Carbondale. One is more of a mechanic, one is a schwinn/GT shop, and the third was a fancy Trek shop. I liked the Schwinn one. My hands had been feeling a little bit chaffy and blistery so I was thinking about getting some riding gloves. I just couldn't bring myself to spend 25$ on a pair of skimpy fingerless riding gloves.

Justin had to work from 5:00pm-10:00pm, he was covering for someone. I played a little kung foo panda on the 360 while steph worked on a paper then all of a sudded we get a call from the big guy. He diddn't have to work. That made me so happy, I like Justin Box. We wen't to Dairy Queen, I got hot eats and cool treats. I love that mint oreo blizzard, the peppermint/chocolate combo is unbeatable. York Peppermint Patties, jr. Mints, Frango Mints, Faney May Mint Meltaways, The new 3 Muskateers Mint is very nice very refreshing, Andes mints, Newmans Own Organics has a few products. Newman-Os, basically an Oreo with mint filling and the peppermint chocolate cups. I mentioned in a previous post that the filling is a little chalky in those. I could go on, but I'm rambling. Justin came home and it was great, we watched the Wrestler, Awesome, Stephanie made us tortilla crusted chicked, delicious. That Stephanie is an excellent chef.

Lost Thoughts From the Road: Dairy Queen has always owned the Blizzard market, now every fast food place has their equivilant, their all good but Dairy Queen is the best. From McFlurries to Concrete Mixers the DQ has them all beat. Then Wendy's had to go and jump on the bandwagon, my favorite fastfood burger and the only chain with a good cup of chili, Steak and Shake can go scratch. They used to just have the Frosty's. It was great, it was simple, it was their thing. But Isn't it just chocolate icecream in a cup. No it has a faint malty flavor and a uniqe subtle icy consistancy. I just thought that they were better than that, First they slapped us in the face with the Vanilla Frosty and now the Twisted Frosty. They're tasty and all but I just feel like it ruins their image. Dave Thomas is turning in his grave.

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