Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 26

Nasty Headwind, more meganasty headwind.

Got up early at 6:00. Early enough to make pancakes. Bisquick shake and pour, seems kind of wasteful. Wasteful but delicious. The pancakes were great, the stove still works. David came out around 7:00. He was heading out to church, I forgot today is Sunday. He gave me his buisness card. I told him about the blog and he said he'd check it out so we cant say anything bad about him. Papa Kergs on the other hand, say what you please. He will never find this thing.

Very good people the Reynolds Family, Thank you again David.

Windy wind damn it wind damn you windy wind. I wanted to get off my bike and yell at it, that would be silly though. I just stayed on and yelled at it.

Slow going, I stopped at DuBois for some eats at Traveler's. Cajun turkey was good, the church crowd came in as I was eating and it got real busy. I used the toilet but it wouldnt flush, I lifted the top to have a look inside and a lovely statue fell right in the bowl. I let the waitress know and got the hell out of there.

Later stopped at Casey's for a breather and something other than water to drink, Electrolytes. I think I was in DuQuoin, I'm not sure. I must had seen a couple hundred motorcycles riding south down 51 this morning and now about 2:00 I was seeing them riding north. Asked a few that stopped at the casey's what was going on. Some sort of bike blessing in a town south of Carbondale. I don't know what that is.

Today was the first day I rode later than 5:00pm. I stopped one last time at a picknick area and saw a couple biker chicks urinating right in the middle of the place.

Finally got to Carterville and met with Stephanie. That's my good buddy from Elmwood Park Justin Box's girl. They are living in a nice little trailer just east of town. Justin is training to be a Paramedic and Fire Fighter. He was working when I arrived so stephanie made some chicken and potatoes, Delicious, and we took it over to him. He's working 24 hour shifts and got a call just as we finished up. Poor Bastard. I wanted some DQ so Stephanie and I stopped at one on the way home. Bannana cream pie blizzard. mmm...

Mileage: 71

Total: 371


  1. Hey there my 2nd cousin..............this is Coleen from CO. You better not eat too much DQ or you won't fit on your bike...LOL
    I am so glad you are keeping in touch with your parents, that means the world to them. I love reading your blog and hearing about the people you meet along the way. I know we can not say it enough, but be careful out there, we all love you.........

  2. You love that DQ man, and David and his family sound like solid people, hopefully we can see more pictures eventually, if you want to put them in your blog and need help with it message me on facebook and I'll help you out.

  3. You need to find some Mexicans!

    Stay safe. I prayed for you the other day.

    Did I forget to mention...you are one crazy mofo!