Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 1

Loaf of bananna bread for breakfast. I got up early, 5:30 out on the road by 6:00. I wanted to beat the rain, I knew it was coming. I stopped at a nice little bakery in Farmington. ate a bleuberry scone and got a muffin and a bagel to go. Love those carbs. The route took me through St. Joe State park. It was very nice Missouri has lovely state parks in the Ozarks. I wish I would have gotten there last night.

Lovely hills and scenery till I got to my destination in Centerville. Very nice little town 171 people. The trans am maps said to check with the town hall about sleeping in the main courthouse square. They said go for it. I ate at a nice little resturant right across from the courthouse, big burger, needed the protein, and I hit the salad bar pretty hard. I told Dana last night that I would call her today at 1:00. It was about 5 till when I turned my phone on and realized I had no service. damn hills. Centervill is deep in a valley. Just as I realized all this the librarian came in, saw my bike, saw me and put 2 and 2 together. She told me the library is open till 4:30 so I could come in and use the internet. I ran over there and messaged a few people and told them I have no service. I'm supposed to call and check in with my parents every day at 5:00. I figured they would get word by then. I diddn't get all my posts updated before the place closed.

I went over to a gas station on the other side of the square and asked if they had a phone I could use. The woman there handed me one and said it would be fine. I called my parents, no pick up but I left a message. Bought a yoohoo and went over to the police station to ask if I could sleep in a cell, It was getting a little cold. No go on that. I was back in a nice corner settin up my tent when the librarian walks up to me and tells me I have a phonecall at the gas station. She just happened to be in there and the woman that let me use the phone sent her over, small town. Walked back to the gas station and talked to my dad, let him know where I was. On my way out of the I saw a couple of the local fella's fillin their pickup with beer, I asked them what's goin on tonight hoping they would invite me to come drinking, they just directed me to a bar up the road. I remembered it coming in and I wasn't about to ride back up there. There was a nice diner across from the gas station that had floats. when I walked in there was a lady gaukin out the window at the two boys, I asked her how she was and she commented on her boys up to no good fillin her truck up with beer. small town. I just grabbed a Dr. Pepper float and wen't to bed.


  1. You use lovely too much to describe things, you need to spice it up a little more.

    Other than that your posts are lovely.

    Stay Safe,

  2. Nicky,
    I am really enjoying reading your blog. Start getting name of the people you meet, and spice it up went you get back write a book on your great adventure. Stay safe, love Auntie Anna

  3. You rule nicky, also I think a lot of people would enjoy seeing some more pictures, they were a big hit with a bunch of our friends. I think it's awesome that you asked to sleep in a jail cell, you're a real life kender (nerd humor lol) You need to get people's names, I agree with Anna on that, particularly if you'll write a book later which would be sweet. Anyhow, stop by the facebook group sometime and tell everyone how awesome you are.

  4. Hey Nicky,
    Great Blog, yes you do need to get names of the peeps you meet. This is one great adventure. I understand you will be going by Pueblo instead of Denver, so looks like I will not get to see you. Take care and God be with you!!!
    Your 2nd 'cuz, Coleen

  5. Hey Nicky,
    I love reading your blogs, your such a good writer. We can't wait to see you in Arizona. Auntie Anna is gone and the guest house is all ready for you. Stay safe.
    Love you,
    Auntie Fran

  6. hey nicky, i just want to say this is so cool that u decided to take this adventure & do this blog b careful lov u love,auntie k

  7. Nicky, have you met some mexicans yet.?

  8. I loved the State Parks in MO too!!! Your blogs are fucking amazing by the way. Your writing reminds me kinda of Kurt Vonnegut. He writes Slaughter House Five amongst others, but I'm sure you know that. Carpe Diem, sir.