Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 5

I'm Being Pampered

Slept today until about 8:00. PB sandwich and a banana for breakfast, thank you Kathy. I almost stopped into the Walmart on my way out of town, Mike said he would be working. I really had to get going sorry Mike, we'll meet again.

Hit some big time construction and made a big detour where CC crosses 13 west of Fair Grove. Just when i got through that a kid stopped me, Steve Miller. He is planning on doing Virginia to California in a couple weeks. Very cool, he fed me cookies. i tried to take a picture with him but the camera ran out of batteries. He had a camera and is going to send me the picture.

Just a few miles after that I ran into my first cyclist. Burly guy he looked really tough. I knew something was up when to my left at a church parking lot there was a car parked with a wheel set on the roof. A woman was looking down the road. When I got a little closer to the church I could see him pumping up the hill. Mike Meezan and his wife Kat is supporting him. They had some slick cards made up with contact information and blog information, I should have done that. They have been on the road since april 6 from Orange County California. I chould have made Dana drive along side me.

They told me about a place to stay in Everton, Running Spring Farm. They said it was a gorgeous hunting lodge. I asked how much? $70. Easy Meezans! I don't roll like that. I don't have that kind of cash. They then told me that the guy is very nice and will probably let me camp for free. Thats more like it. Perfect, I stopped in some town for a sandwich. i dont remember which one and was at the farm by 3:30. Just as I rode up Bill Cork walked up to me. I told him that Mike Meezan told me about the place. We both light heartedly poked a little fun at him for making his wife drive the whole way. Sorry Mike, i know you're gonna read this blog but I can't leave things out for the sake of people's feelings. Let me just note that this has been a life time goal of his and I think it is great, Power to you Mike. Everyone, give Mike some support:

Bill then said "here's the deal, $50 if you mess up the bed to where i would have to make it in the morning, $20 if its just as it is now when I see it in the morning." So Bill's got himself a sliding scale here. He charges the couple from Orange County $70 and the poor kid from Chicago $20. Way to go Bill.

Now I'm being pampered. 2 bedrooms, a bunk room, dining room, living room with satelite TV, bathroom, and kitchen. This place is un believable. Bill also said that the kitchen is fair game and the kitchen is stocked. It seems to me like all the hunters that come during season buy and bring food then just leave it here when they depart. 3 bottles of mustard, 2 jars of mayo, a countless number of bottles of louisianna hot sauce. Bill probably just ends up throwing it all out. I found a opened box of pasta and some sauce in the fridge, that was a nice little dinner. Then i had at some icecream from the freezer.

Mileage: 60

Total: 676


  1. Hey man, sounds like a great journey so far. I've enjoyed reading and keeping up on your blog so far. I'll be heading on a cross country journey also starting in late May. I hope mine is as awesome as yours sounds.

  2. Well I am so glad to see you aer eating well. You are meeting some great people out there. I have to say "THANK YOU" to all who meet my cousin while he is on his adventure. Your help and hospitality for him is wonderful! Be careful on the rest of your travels and we will all kep in touch!

  3. More nice people! man, people are pretty awesome when you meet them, I might have to rethink my instant hatred of the world :P

  4. im jealous of you being outdoors so long, being awesome, and eating ice cream all the time. you lucky duck. keep it up nicky, good luck and stay safe my friend.

  5. brett likes macdonalds alot also