Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 3

Today I took the day off. Kathie told me if I want to stay till Tuesday she will drive me to Springfield, MO. I didn't want her to do that but I was grateful to be able to stay one more day and get a rest and break from the rain. Cold and rainy this morning. I was actually all set to go out but as I was packing up the bike I found that my bottle of 3 in 1 oil cracked open at the bottom of the left rear pannier. I spent all morning cleaning it up while Kathie, Adam, and Devon were at church. I ended up taking it off and soaking it in detergent. It didn't get on anything except for the pannier itself. Everything else in there was in a ziplock bag.

We watched Tropic Thunder and ate pizza when they got back from church. Funny movie, I like Ben Stiller. Walmart after the movie, I decided to get a go phone that uses verison towers since my cell phone is at&t. Certain providers lease different towers and usually in the smaller towns when one doesn't work the other will. The cheapest one they had was $30, I wasn't expecting to pay that much so I held off on that idea.

Kathie works at a doctors office and they have internet there. After Walmart we stopped by so I could update the blog and Kathie had some work to do. We weren't there to long so I only updated a couple, that was fine.

We dropped off Devon on the way back from the office and then Kathie made some teriyaki chicken and broccoli back at the house, It was delicious. Kathie told me a little bit about what it's like living deep in the Missouri Ozarks. People here don't like change, Kathie is originally from southern Florida and it took a little time before people accepted her. I rode through some of the poorest town's in Missouri. Life is different here compared to small towns in Illinois. In Illinois people hunt for trophies, here people hunt for food.


  1. i liked this entry nicky. glad to see there are still nice people out there somewhere. and the quote you made at the end was priceless. illinois has the highest percentage of vanity license plates in the country. there are definitely more important things to worry about..
    safe travels bud.


  2. Target might have some nice deals for a pay as you go phone if you're interested, i think they have some 19.99 ones. Nice to know you're takin breaks every once in awhile, don't want you to get all tuckered out :P