Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 20

I can't imagine what this would be like if I was camping out in the desert.

I feel like hell. Anything I eat I throw up, I was up all night with retched vomit and awful diarrhea. Cold sweats, I'm dehydrated, I physically can not ride today. Jake offered me to stay another night, I would be crazy not to take him up on that.

I want to hit the road tomorrow, Dana and her mom decided to leave for Show Low today instead of tomorrow. If I could muscle my way to Gallup by Friday I wouldn't feel bad having her rescue me from there. This is a huge blow to morale, at this point I just want the trip to be over. Unfortunately the hardest riding I will see begins tommorow, Its through the barren Navajo Nation from here to Show Low.


  1. How did things go after this?

  2. Also, I was wondering what route you planned for this trip? I was thinking of doing Chicago to Phoenix in the future.

  3. what happen next

  4. did you ever finish