Friday, May 8, 2009

May 6

I wanted to get up early so I could enjoy the lodge a bit more before I take off. I was seriously thinking of staying another day, but I cant take a break at every nice place I get to. I made coffee, had a danish, and watched the news. It's not sopposed to rain till tommorow evening and clear up in the morning. Even more reason not to stick around and get to my next destination quick. Bill stopped in to say goodbye, I'm pretty sure he was really there to make sure the bed wasn't messed up. I slept in my sleepingbad just to be sure.

Big Bad Bikin Mike and Kat told me about a diner on the route in Golden City that all the bikers stop at. They have a book that everyone signs and says where they're headed. Chicken sandwich, really good fries and a slice of blackberry pie. Excellent pie.

Arrived in Pittsburg Kansas today at 3:00. Very happy to be in Kansas. Pittsburg is a big town, college town, Pittsburg State University. Georgous campus. I stopped in a bike shop to figure out where to camp, the fellas there were real nice. They told me where the park to camp in was and where there is a YMCA. I figured i would check that place out after the library, I got logged off of the public library computer after an hour, one hour per person per day policy. I even tried to schmooze a little to get more time, but it was a no go. I diddn't get it, the place was dead. I was directed to the campus library, you can internet all day over there. I pedaled over to the other side of town and got cought up on the posts, I never update the day that I'm at the computer because I havn't written in the journal yet. This stuff comes straight out of the journal.

Off to the YMCA, on my way there I stopped at a frozen custard place and got a burger and a custard. Freddy's it was called. The custard was great but the burger was awful. It was like a steak and shake burger, I'm not a fun of steak and shake burgers. They're all flattened out. I think Freddy's and Steak and Shake are affiliated. At the Y $3 for access to the the shower's the steam room and the worldpool. Very relaxing. There were a couple of gentlemen from the university using the facility, Maxwell and Dan. We got to talking and turns out they are fighters. I diddn't think to ask whet kind of fighting and they diddn't really elaborate we pretty much just talked about highschool wrestling and my bike ride. They both wrestled in highschool as did I.

It was a light post, nothing to exciting.

Mileage: 66

Total: 742

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