Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 9

I woke up early to get a good start, I didn't eat much but breakfast in Cassoday was my plan. Then it would be 38 miles to Newton.

I was riding north a little to get to Cassoday, the head wind was awful. A woman passed me in her jeep then pulled off to the side of the road to wait for me. She told me that her grandson is riding his bike across the country, he left from Boston and is heading to California. She said that his bike is loaded up with gear just like mine. Toby and her grandson Tyler Harlow. They stayed in a motel in Eureka last night while I was in the park. I told Toby to meet me in Cassoday for breakfast and there we will wait for Tyler. This is great I thought, Am I going to have someone to ride with all the way to Dolores? Tyler is going to be on the trans am all the way to San Francisco. We found a country store in Cassoday and I had some time to chat with Toby, Tyler was about two hours behind me. Toby is a very hip grandma, very with it. She is 71 and she flew into Kansas City yesterday to support Tyler for a few days. They are from a small town in Vermont called Putney. Tyler is doing his ride for charity. His goal is to "raise awareness for youth in foster care and the importance of keeping sibling connections intact" Everyone should just check out his blog: Support Tyler and donate to his cause

Tyler arrived in Cassoday and we chatted for a while and got to know each other We are both very excited to have someone to ride with. This journey is going to be a lot different now. We set off for Newton and got there in no time. Toby is going to be here until Wednesday the twelfth and they both invited me to take advantage of the support. I threw my panniers into Toby's Jeep and Tyler and I rode to Newton in what seemed like no time. We were flying with just hour handlebar bags, I felt like Orange County Mike,

Toby got us a motel room in Newton and bought us dinner. I felt bad, I can't let her do this for me untill wednesday. Tyler assured me that it's alright, his grandmother is extatic that he now has someone to ride with. I figure I'll just go with the flow.

May 9, today all the college kids graduate. Congratulations to everyone. I got to talk to Dana and congratulated her, it sounds like the ceremony was lovely. It's strange to think that my sister Deanna is going to go to ISU next year. she graduates from Elmwood Park Highschool in June and will be heading out to the ILSTU in the fall. I'm glad I still have a lot of friends there, they will have to watch out for her.

Mileage: 74

Total: 950

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  1. I finally made the blog! Thank you, Nicky. When you get back home, you have to come visit me once I start school. I miss you, keep it up!