Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 16

Day off today, Hanging out with the Kids from Crested Butte. I woke up relatively early, 9:00 and walked around town a bit. Last night it was dark when we arrived but now I got a real feel for it. Crested butte is a secluded mountain town, it's very bizarre. That's the best way to put it. It's perfect, everyone rides bicycles to get around, the speed limits are 15 everywhere, no one works, just hunt and fish all day then drink all night. It's a ski town but now they're in the off season, In season people will ski day and drink all night. That's really why they're here, to ski. The hunting and fishing is just to hold them over until next season.

This is the most beautiful town we have been in but I can't wait to leave. I don't like it here, it's just bizarre it makes me feel uncomfortable. I miss the boys of sugar creek, there are no video games, graphic novels or Monday night raw in Crested Butte just outdoor recreation, real outdoor recreation, no whiffle ball or Frisbee golf. Trap and Skeet, lacrosse, rafting, thats they way they do it here.

I spoke to Dana this evening and she received her orders from the US Public Health Service. She is allowed to leave Illinois the 21st, and must report in on the 26th. She and her mom are going to leave for show low early on the 21 and will hopefully arrive the following day. Now I am very excited to get back on the road. Looking at my maps and averaging 60 mile days I could also arrive in show low on the 22. This seems to be working out perfectly. Now I'm counting on the big guy to get himself together to ride.

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