Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 13

Leaving Pueblo today and leaving Toby.

We went out for breakfast then loaded up the Bikes.  I'm going to miss Toby, these last few days with her have been great.  Another unexpected luxury I have encountered on my journey. Leaving Pueblo our sluggish rides were heavy and slow.  The mountains came on us quick and we powered up some steep grades.  They're going through a major dry spell here, we passed a restaurant n Wetmore that was closed down to drill a new well.  They were down to 110 feet and still no water.  further down the road we stopped at a small grocery store for a power lunch.  Debra, the owner was very friendly, she let us know of the climbs to come and warned us not to think about cell phone service for the next 10 miles.  I called my family and checked in early.

We had our first major climbs after the store, crawling at 4 mph was rough.  we only made it 6 miles before coming across a very pleasant campsite.  It was almost 5:00 and we were pretty beat.  The campsite was great, right along a crystal clear creek, I got to wash up a bit.  Mac and cheese for dinner, very good.  We wanted to sleep outside without the tents but the cloudy skies looked like they wanted to rain on us.  We pitched our tents and the rain came down late at night.  That was a good call.

Mileage: 37

Total: 1449

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  1. The mountains will be tough till you're goin downhill then it'll be all HELL YEAH