Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 17

The big guy looks like he's going to need another day, I'm not excited about this. Knowing Dana is going to be in show low on the 22nd I want to get to Show Low on the 22nd. I miss Dana, I don't want to have to wait another day to see her.

I was thinking about going on without Tyler, we would only be riding together for 3 more days to Dolores anyways. I decided not to do that, How would I feel if he left without me, that wouldn't be cool.

Some good news came when Will's friend Chris, who had been visiting from Salt Lake City for the weekend heard Tyler and I talking about possibly staying another night. Chris is leaving tomorrow and he offered to give us a little boost. Some bad news also came with this boost. Tyler is on a bit of a tight schedule, he has a job that starts the 15 of June. The trans america route is not exactly the most direct when it comes to getting to San Fransisco, it is more of a scenic route. Montrose is the next town west of Gunnison, That is where my boost ends. In Montrose the route cuts south towards Dolores, this is perfect for someone heading to Phoenix. It would be silly to cut south if the destination is SanFrancisco, especially if time is a factor. Tyler and Chris will continue west towards Salt Lake City and San Francisco after dropping me off in Montrose. Chris will then drop Tyler off somewhere south of Salt Lake on route to San Fran. But Before all of that We gotta go out and shoot some guns.

Any negative feelings I may have seemed to have towards trap shooting in my last post I would like to take back. That shit is fun and I'm pretty damn good at it.

Thats me on top and Chris and Tyler on the bottom. Note the snow.


  1. You shot trap when you were a boy scout at Camp Rocchi. Your dad taught you.


  2. Hey Nicky did you play in the snow??

    I love you!