Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 19

I woke up early and about an hour later a National Forest representative approached me. He explained that if the gate is locked and a campsite is closed it is illegal to camp in it. He told me that I need to leave IMMEDIATELY. I said ok... and I left.

I got to the top of lizard head pass and then it was all downhill to Dolores. Not much happened, I ran into yet another cyclist, Dave. Straight out of the Navy he is riding across the country. I let him know all the great places to stay, the hostel, the hunting lodge. He couldn't be of much help since I will be off the trail very soon now.

I got to Dolores no problem, It was still pretty early. I stopped at a gas station and picked up a map of new Mexico. I visited the Dolores public library to do some last minute research on a route to Arizona. I decided to ride south through New Mexico on 491. I'll be going through the Navajo reservation.

I went ahead and kept on pedaling past Dolores to Cortez, now I won't have the trans america maps anymore, It was a little unsettling having no idea where I'll be sleeping. These reservations are pretty barren, I will see nothing between Cortez and Gallup, just the lone gas station here and there and towns with nothing more than trailers and RV's.

In Cortez I found a bicycle shop, Kokopelli Bike and Board, very nice shop. I decided to have my rear wheel trued. I spoke with the fellas there for a while and asked about whats to come through new mexico, They told me the rought I have planned out sounds good. It seems most people going to phoenix go straight through four corners to Arizona then through flagstaff. Since I want to make it to Show Low first I'll be going down south into New Mexico.
They're Jumping

My bike shop friends diddn't even charge me to true the wheel and then on my way out one of the employees, Jake, said I could stay with him. He lives in an apartment near the shop. I hung out and checked out all the merchandise untill Jake got off. They sell salsa bikes I kept playing with a very cool singlespeed salsa casseroll.

When Jake got off we went back to his apartment and his lady Kaila and their friend Chuckles stopped by. We all went out to eat at a local resturant/brewery. I had a lovely IPA and some fish, Chuckles also works at the shop so there was a lot of bike talk going on. Jakes dad used to have a Schwinn Voyageur SP, so he was very excited about my bike.

Back at Jakes apartment I started to feel a little off. Something wasn't sitting right. I ended up rejecting the fish and IPA and turning in early for the night.

Mileage: 67

Total: 1780


  1. Bummer about being sick...Tim just chimed in "food borne illness." Haha

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  3. I know Dave! I'm a friend of his up in Washington. He put up a link to your site from his. Had to check yours because my brother HATES it when I call him "Nicky," so I was intrigued.

    I'm also very excited for you because I'm from New Mexico, and I miss it terribly because Washington is totally different. I hope your trip goes well, and I hope you keep running into nice New Mexicans that will help you out. Good luck Nicky. :)