Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 21

This morning I was doing a little better and feeling tough enough to try and blast through the desert towards Gallup. About 10 miles in I realized how bad of an idea that was. I was lucky enough to find a gas station the first time the diarrhea hit and thought I could easily find another if it hit again. I was not so lucky, I was unlucky over and over again, desert shrubbery and wash underpasses on 491 were the most comforting things I could find.

I passed over the New Mexico border but wasn't in the mood to embrace it or soak in the mesa's. My plan was to hopefully find a motel in Shiprock. No motel would mean camping out in the desert and hoping tomorrow is a better day. On my way in to town a Navajo kid in a slick looking Pontiac stopped me and asked what was up? I told him about my trip explained my health and asked if there ia a motel in town. He said that the closest motel would be in Gallup, then offered me a place to stay. I was thrilled Navajo Tony is a good guy.

Tony drove back to his trailer and I followed behind him. He just got out of the marines and is staying in Shiprock with his mom. Very nice place. Tony said he had to go but would be back later, He said he would speak with his mom and ensured she would be fine with this. He kept telling me how they are Mormon and they are all about helping people.

I went to sleep in an empty bedroom tony said I could use, It was about noon. I woke up around seven o'clock from an angry knock on the door, It was getting dark and storming hard outside. Tony barged surly and drunk. He said "If you got a reason to be here then that's fine, If not then get the fuck out." Then shut the door and passed out on the living room couch. I still don't get it, why did he do that?

I decided to take my chances and stay, I didn't really have anywhere else to go, except camp out in the rainy desert. I called Dana and got some unbelievable news, they were farther than expected. they were already in Albuquerque. After explaining the situation they were more than willing to come get me. It wouldn't be for another four hours. They stopped in a Walmart in Gallup to get a bike rack for the car, then we just have to hope everything fit.

An awkward and uncomfortable wait until Dana and her mom arrived, the rain was still coming down hard. They finally called around eleven and luckily by that time Tony's mom had come home. I was thrilled to learn that she was a happy drunk. She grabbed the phone from my hands and started rattling of complicated directions. She then ran out into the street with my phone and a flashlight to wave them down.

She was gone for longer than expected then I see her parading around the corner with Dana and her mom following slowly behind.

I wasn't ready for the trip to end, I was ready for that situation to end but it took me a while to realize that it would also mean the end of my journey. I was glad to see Dana.


  1. Navajo Tony doesn't seem nearly as cool as Elmwood Park Tony.

  2. so where have you been for the last 5 weeks

  3. Nicky, I am soooo very proud of you. I'm also thrilled to such an extreme that you are safe and sound and were able to have this experience in your life .... just don't do it again!
    I Love You Forever,