Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 2

Rainy Morning, Depressing. I waited for it to stop, it wasn't until about 9:00. I made sure to have the rain covers on and my rain gear on hand before I set out. Excellent breakfast in Ellington, eggs sausage hash browns, the basics.

I rode through the Ozark National Scenic River Ways National Park on 106. It was very beautiful, and scenic. I did a lot of vistaing. I ran into a group of backpackers, a bunch of young kids. They were part of an organization to help out youngsters who have made bad decisions. They were nice. I told them to check out the blog. Hey Guys... whats goin on?

It started raining not too long after I ran into them. The raingear works well. I really have to ride slow, it gets very hot. Raingear does not breathe well. If I ride too hard I just end up drenching myself in my own sweat. I could feel my legs heating up and the rainpants starting to stick to my shins and calves. It was only a few degrees above 50, I hope I don't hit much rain on hotter days.

I wanted to get through Alley Spring to summersville today. I figured I would have phone reception in summersville. Alley Spring is down in a valley and Summersville is up on top. I was wrong about the phone reception.

I saw signs for a family youth center that has camping and lodging once I got in to Summersville. I followed the signs and arrived at a big building, the parking lot was packed. I peeked inside and asked around for someone in charge. Once I was brought to the right people I asked about camping. It turns out that this woman had just purchased the place, it had been abandoned for some time and she just bought it a few weeks ago. Those signs have been up for years. She said it would be fine to camp out. I asked her what was going on inside. She diddn't explain much, just said it was a benifit and I should throw a couple bucks in the jar and go eat. Just before I walked in Donna stopped me, she is in to century rides and has done a few tours of her own. it was great to be able to talk to someone who has done this sort of thing. Donna went in and I turned on my phone to call my family, no service of course. I threw a few bucks in the jar and went in to eat. This food was great, I really loaded up. Amish bean soup, Chili, Baked Beans, Pork and Beans, Corn Bread. lots of beand, I diddn't really understand that, every dish was based on beans. I saw Donna sitting by herself so I went and joined her. I conplained about the cell phone service and she handed me her's. I ran out and quickly called the family and Dana. I diddn't want to talk too long so I diddn't really get to explain much, I just told them where I was. Ran back inside and started throwin back some beans and chatting with Donna. Two others had joined us when I returned from checking in. Kathie and her boyfriend Mark. We talked about my trip and I asked what this benifit was all about. The Good Samaritan Care Clinic in Summersville is a free healthcare clinic. All the money goes to that. It's just everyday people who go to the clinic, they are people who can't afford health insurance but make too much money for Medicare or Medicade. Basically everyone in the towns of Summersville and Eminence. My donation is going to a good place. Mark checked out my maps, he's a trucker and knew a lot of the rads I'll be riding on, he let mem know whats to come.

There were some bluegrass bands playing so we went and checked them out after dinner. On the way over I hit the desert table, every kind of cobbler and pie you could think of. I went to town. The Bressler Brothers were awesome they play all over the world and the members are from Eminence and Summersville, everyone needs to check them out. After they played the Spring Valley String Band performed. They had a banjo player from Australia who hand makes banjo's, Laurie Grundy, I got to meet him later on. He was jacked for my trip. After all the bands there was a charity auction to raise more money for the clinic. They had one of those fast talkin auction guys. It was just a bunch of junk people donated but it was still pretty cool.

People were starting to roll out, I said goodbye to Donna and she told me about the internet radio station she works for, KWBC.FM, she is going to mention me on it. I gave her the blog adress and she is going to keep her listeners posted on where I am.

As Kathie was getting ready to leave she asked me if I wanted a place to stay for the night. I was thrilled, the only thing was she lives in the next town over, I would be cheating 20 miles. I decided to take her up on her offer. This isn't just a bike ride, this stopped just being a bike ride the day I stepped off the Voyageur in Morris and camped out for the night. The bike is a tool that I am using to travel and see parts of the country I have never seen and would just pass up in a car. If I decided I need to ride every inch of the journey this post would end with me camping out in a clearing behind a youth center. Instead it ends with Kathie, her kid Adam, his Friend Devon, and I packing into their Jeep with the bike, stopping at a liquor store for beer and driving 20 miles to Houston, MO. Kathie and I threw a few back, We ate apple pie that she won at the Charity auction, played rockband and went to sleep.

Much better than camping is Summersville

Mileage: 62+20=82

Total: 549


  1. Well I see the names of all your new found friends. Sounds like they are just as interested in you as you are in them. That's great you will be told about on the radio. Haven't you had any chance to take pictures or post them so we can see your new friends? I can say one thing for sure, you will never starve..LOL You parents, I am sure, are happy to know that. Bless you and be careful!!! Coleen

  2. You found me a new quote there Nicky, 'This isn't just a bike ride anymore...

    Keep on truckin

  3. random older women asking you to spend the night, you dirty dog : ).


  4. Nicky, you rule, the people you meet are awesome as well, I'm glad there are so many helpful people you are meeting along the way, and it's really great that you are going to be a feature on a radio show, I'll make sure the facebook group knows about it so they can tune in if they want.

  5. Nicky, I know you probably barely have any time to read these comments, but just know that I am so proud of you...and I am sad. You mentioned Paul, Rebbecca, Michael, and Dana as being so close with you, as well as Justin Box and others. I realize we have kept in touch but have never re-gained a true friendship. I want to let you know how adamant I am about doing a trip such as this and I want to do it. And I want to do it with you. I want to ride to Canada, if it's feasible and we do it in summer weather, as it would be the best. It's an idea that I hope to do regardless, but how I wish at least I could train for it with you. I wish to become close with you and Michael again. I sat behind Dana yesterday for our graduation. I could sense how she wanted you to be there, but what I could sense more was how strong she was knowing, loving, and respecting what you are doing as an extraordinary adventure. Something that you can have to cherish for the rest of your life. Erin went to a girl that works at vitesse and asked how much a tuneup would be, because she wanted to buy me one for my bike for graduation. They said 60 bucks and she asked if there was a possibility of receiving lessons as well; because she knows how much I have wanted to learn about bikes, but I haven't really had any direction. The girl working there basically offered to sell her the blue book for bikes or something for only 5 bucks, haha, it's worth thirty. I'm sure you've heard of it and it was nice of the girl to offer. Erin was planning on picking it up today but with my graduation and my mom, dad, sister, and her girlfriend down here she didn't have time. Erin is an amazing girl and Nicky, honestly, Erin and I want nothing more than to be apart of that group you mentioned. If you ever get to read this, please just say "hey Timi" in one of your blogs, just to make me smile that day. Be safe.


  6. Tims such a sap :) But we gotta love him. The last paragraph in this blog is inspiring. You should think of writing a whole book. I bet you could get it published. Or you can just keep your journal close for smiles. You're inspiring... especially because I love older women too.