Friday, May 8, 2009

May 7

Rolled out of the Pitt at 8:00. Rode comfortably with a tailwind to Girard. Breakfast Girard style, western omelet biscuits and hash browns. Very tasty.

As I was sailing west on 680th ave I passed a friendly looking Lutheran church. Didn't think anything of it at the time but I got a few miles down the road when a guy in a silver sedan stopped me. He said he was the Pastor and told me I ought to turn back, Thursday's community lunch. that means free food. I had just had breakfast in Girard but I could feel a little room for some more. I bolted back up hill into the wind and met pastor john for lunch. Pastor John is a big dude, he has to be at least 6'6''. I threw a few dollars in the donations jar and chowed down on some ham, beans, potatoes, and lots of cakes. The pineapple upside down cake was phenomenal. Everything homemade, everything delicious. Pastor John said I was more than welcome to stay the night, bikers have stayed there before. I really wanted to take advantage of the weather, and the tailwind and blast my way deeper into the great state of Kansas. Pastor John wouldn't let me leave without taking something from his garden, unfortunately all that was ready was lettuce. Pastor John has a lot of pride in his garden and is excited to share it with the world. I would love to someday have a garden as nice as his, one day when I have a little land of my own there will be a spectacular garden on it. I gladly accepted his lettuce, the grocery bag full of lettuce. It was great, I munched on it all the way to Chanute.

Big town Chanute, I checked out the library, some of the local boy threw some trash at me and hollard as they drove by, Chanute is on my bad side now. The library was another one of those one hour per person per day deals. Not cool, I didn't bother messing with the blog. I don't like feeling rushed. Checked the weather and browsed around a bit. Got a chance to chat with Marcos and Ben Strohman on the facebook. Ben is doing a swell job with that facebook group. I wasn't expecting a facebook group or all these blogspot followers. Thank you for all the support. Spoke with David Soria too, he's a wild dude. David, Make sure your dad reads this stuff and send it to all my Freeport folk.

After the library I found a Chanute visitors center, The women there showered me with Chanute maps and tourism pamphlets. There is a lot of history here railroad history and civil war history. Octavius Chanute and what not. I asked them where to eat and they Insisted I try a mexican restaurant in town. I took their advice and I was disappointed. I should have known, Its kansas. I need to wait till Arizona for Mexican food.

I went to the walmart to use the ATM, a woman there saw me on the phone with chase, overheard the conversation and tried to give me $30. I wouldn't take her money. I kept explaining that I have money it's just a pain to get it out. I had to run away from her. She kept telling me to have a little taste of Kansas Hospitality. i said "How about a bed to sleep in?". She wasn't having that. I ran away from her and went to a park in town to sleep.

feeling rushed, library closing

Mileage: 63

Total: 805


  1. haha, nicky you rule, running away from money, you're so polite! anyhow, glad to know you've been able to make some headway without all the rain to slow you down.

  2. You make me laugh Nicky.........I can just see you running away from the "money lady". Hope you credit card issue gets settled.....It happened to me twice, no fun. Ride hard but careful.....