Friday, May 15, 2009

May 10

We woke up in our fancy motel rooms and had some complimentary Danishes and coffee. We discussed it a bit last nigh and we would like to shoot for 100 miles today. With Toby carrying our gear we thought we could pull it off. Halfway was Nickerson and it was a sluggish ride. I think the 74 mile day yesterday did us in.

During a power lunch in Nicherson we talked about the car, we discussed how flat and boring Kansas is, we pointed out how much Toby is itching for a decent resturant. Se was disapointed with the China Buffet last night, she needs something better than that. We are all just itching to get to Colarado. we ended up turning what would have been a disapointing 50 mle day into a Guilty 250 mile day. We loaded up the jeep and drove through the vast ocean of land in western Kansas.

We are in Scott City for the night. We found a mexican resturant to chow down at and maybe get a beer, it was the only thing open in town. Sunday is never a good day to ride through rural America. On the ride to Nickerson we couldn't even find an open gas station to get some snacks and water. Beer at the resturant was a no go no beer on sunday. We never figured out if that is a Kansas thing a county thing or a Scott City thing. Liquor stores don't even sell on sunday.

Mileage: 48+194 with Toby

Total: 1192


  1. Cheater!
    But it's cool man, after the rainstorm you deserve a break and some easy traveling.

  2. Well hopefully all the rain and wind are behind you now and you will have clear riding the rest of the way. I did send Tyler, your riding partner, a comment on his web site. Pretty nice to have a riding buddy for now..Take care and I will be checking in on you again......Coleen

  3. Nicky,

    I am bummed I wont be CO when you are there but I do have a friend who is riding across the country (Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon) and he hasnt started yet and is still in CO. I would have loved to introduce you guys. I showed him your blog and he has been keeping up with it. He was excited to read about someone else's journey.


  4. Man, Macomb doesn't sell liquor on Sundays either. We got lucky in Normal I guess. My parents used to live in Kansas, Mom says its flat and boring too.