Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 4

Up at 7:30. Kathie and Adam were already up and about to go to school and work. I thanked her graciously. They left but let me leave at my own pace. Kathie let me make some peanut butter sandwiches for the road. I had some cereal and a banana for breakfast. Quick shower, did the dishes and I was out of there at 9:00. Non stop riding today, i made it to Marshfield by 3:00. I tried to call Dana in Hartville but I had no service. It's very depressing when that happens, I regretted not buying that phone in Houston. I finally got service down the road a ways and dana told me there was a Walmart in Marshfield.

I wen't to the Walmart and looked at the phones. Mike, the walmart employee told me that Alltell would be the way to go. They use Verison towers. We even busted out come maps that show the service areas and sure enough where there wasn't one there was the other. Now I feel Connected. I wen't to pay with my debit card and it gets denied, Try again and it's denied. Mike said that its probably because I'm traveling. Yeah, they probably just wan't to make sure nobody stole it. I called them up and unfortunately someone did steal it, tried to spend $200 on some london based site. My card has been deactivated. I can not use it. They are sending me a new one in the mail to Elmwood Park. I explained over the phone my situation, I notice Mike's concern for my situation as he reacts to my dramatic facial expressions, and she said that all she can do is allow me to get money out of an ATM if I call chase while I am standing in front of it. She made note of who i am and my situation, so I have to call chase verify my identity, they open up the card, I get my money, then they close it up immediately. I'm grateful they cought this but it is still a bummer. I called my dad and explained whats up. When he gets the card were gonna figure out a post office on route to mail it to.

I went to the Walmart ATM, called chase, got money and went back to mike to buy the phone. I ten talked to him about where the city park is and if they allow camping. He said he has seen people camping there and there are showers at the fairgrounds to use. We went oveer to the city alderman who happens to work at the local Walmart and he got on the phone to get the showers unlocked. This is good. Mike then offered to drive me to the fairgrounds, the park is right across from them. Mike has a truck and he was getting off of work within minutes. He reminded me of Seth Rogen, he even kind of talked like him. On the way to the fairgrounds Mikes Fionce called, he explained that he was driving a stranger on a cross country bike trip to the fairgrounds then asked what was for dinner, Angela told him she isn't making dinner, "Were goin to McDonalds". Coolest Fionce Ever. Mike then asked her if the stranger could come with. This is good, I like McDonalds, there is only one person I know that likes McDonalds more than me and thats Dana, Dana Loves the stuff.

We get there and meet up with Angela and their daughter, I forgot her name. They refused to let me pay for my own meal. Very nice people, awesome people. I told them about the blog so everyone say hi to Mike and Angela. We stayed and talked a lot, Mike told me a wild story about his dad crashing into an amish guys buggy. The buggy was hauling milk, milk wood, horse shoes im sure go flying everywhere. The truck and buggy were totaled. Everyone was fine thank goodness.

On the way out I bought myself and their little girl icecream, McDonalds has excellent icecream. No DQ but exceptionally velvety. Mike drove me to the fairgrounds, I said thank you and goodbye. Just as he left a guy came to unlock it. The shower was great, I was not expecting to be able to take one. The park was just renovated, very nice. I camped under a gazebo, there was a chance of rain.

Mileage: 67

Total: 616


  1. I'm glad that there are people looking out for you, thanks for feeding my friends Mike and Angela!

  2. Hey Mike and Angela!
    And Timi loves McDs. And I know Dakin once at 9 and a half double cheeseburgers in less than an hour.
    Sucks your card got stolen...Chase is great, but so thorough its frustrating sometimes.
    Keep on keepin' on man!